When a food tracker just isn't enough...

Say hello to your personal diet coach.

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Powered by Science

Engineered by a team of leading sport scientists, dietitians, and coaches with a proven track record of results with hundreds of thousands of members across the world, including countless pounds lost. After years of diet and nutrition coaching, we've used our data and results to create the cutting-edge algorithms that powers the RP Diet app.

How it Works

Trying to lose weight, build muscle, or just maintain your physique? We’ve created a dieting app with powerful features to help you reach your goals with ease.

Simplifies Your Diet

You pick the foods, we tell you how much and when to eat.

Constantly Adapts to You

Our advanced algorithms adjust to your metabolism and progress.

Builds Sustainable Habits

Don’t fall off the wagon again. Compliance tracking and reminders keep you on track and help you stay accountable.

Guides You to Success

Not just a food tracker. We suggest weekly modifications to your diet as you progress.

Is your food tracker falling short?

Logging your food intake is a great way to start building healthier eating habits -- but for most of us, a food tracker is not enough to get you to the finish line. Which is why we've designed the RP Diet app to do so much more! As your personal diet coach, it won't just track your food but help you make healthier choices, while sending daily reminders to guide you towards the finish line. 

Ready to finally start seeing results? Start your free 14-day trial today!

* Free trial is only available to new users.

What Makes Us Different?

RP Diet Transformations

Client Testimonials

We're rated 4.6/5 stars with over 7,000 testimonials on Google Play and the App Store.
Want to know why over 5,000 users have given us five-star reviews? Here's what people are saying about the RP Diet app.

Hands down best nutrition app ever.

Maybe I’m biased because I love all things RP. Or maybe I love all things RP because they are nothing but sound, evidence driven, research based organization comprised of a panel of experts, coaches, and phd’s who continually strive to not only educate, but also provide the public with services and material. This app is no different. Completely expert in every aspect. Easy as can be to use. Incredibly thorough. And probably the closest thing you could have to a nutrition coach right by your side. Absolutely incredible.

- Knockings

This is an amazing app!

In the past, I've struggled using the RP Diet Templates. However, with this app, nutrition planning and tracking is so much easier! From cutting (weight loss), maintaining, and bulking (weight gain), this is an app you can use everyday for the rest of your life to achieve your goals. My first weight loss cycle (99 days) I lost 27 lbs and I'm currently on my maintenance cycle. I'm looking forward to achieving my ultimate fitness goals with the help of this app!

- Gary

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How does the app compare to the diet templates?

The RP Diet Templates have helped hundreds of thousands of users across the world since 2015. Luckily, that has given us plenty of time to collect feedback and critiques of the templates. We have taken that feedback, addressed all of the critiques of the templates and put it into the new and revolutionary RP Diet app. The app combines all of the same results of the templates, but with much better and easier technology for the user. 

Is the RP Diet app just another food tracker?

No! Unlike many food trackers out there where you tell it what to eat, the RP Diet app is designed to be a digital diet coach in your pocket. The RP Diet app creates a customized diet based around your schedule, your lifestyle, and your own goals. Even better, the app then updates each week to help keep you on track to reach your goals. It's more than just a food tracker as it's like having a diet coach with you at all times! 

What if I have a specific medical condition?

The diet app is a digital program that we offer with zero 1:1 interaction with our RP coaches. For this reason, the app is not for those with diabetes, thyroid conditions, pregnant, breastfeeding, a history of diagnosed eating disorders or any other metabolic or digestive tract related diseases (including gastric bypass surgery). Special conditions like that require direct consultation with a medical professional. We have Registered Dietitians on staff that can help with some special medical conditions, but not all special medical conditions.

Is the app truly free to use?

Yes: all app features are available without restrictions for the first 2 weeks of use.* We're so confident in the app that we believe once you try it and experience all of the features you will want to use the app for any future diet phase. You can design a diet based around fat loss, muscle gain, and/or improving sports performance within the app all for under $15/month!

* Please note that promo codes / special offers are inapplicable to trial users, and are reserved solely for users with a valid app subscription. 

Do you offer refunds for app subscriptions?

For refunds, you will need to contact the iTunes or the Google Play store.